High-quality parquet

Company Regia is your new partner in Dietikon for high-quality parquet. In our showroom you will find a wide range of parquet floors. Our team of experts will help you to find the right parquet floor in a personal consultation.

Wide range

We present you a wide range of parquet flooring, which you can find in our shop. Our assortment consists of many other products, which are either immediately available from stock or can be ordered within a short time.


Variety is important to us. We want to have the right product for every customer. That’s why we offer parquet with different types of layers: Three layer 15 mm, Multilayer 11 mm, Solid wood plank 20 mm or 3 layer solid wood flooring…

Surface Treatments

Through various surface treatments such as protective coatings (varnish and oil), we protect the wood from external influences (such as moisture) and wear and tear through use (e.g. walking on the parquet). Apart from extending the life of the wood and preserving its beauty, surface treatments also have a significant influence on the appearance of the wood itself. By means of treatments such as brushing and staining the wood, we enhance its character by emphasizing its natural properties. In this way we have the possibility to adapt the wooden floor to the interior, whether it is modern or traditional.









Lacquered parquet

We have a rich colour collection for you in BRUSHED, MATT PAINTED finish. Inspired by the beautiful autumnal landscape, full of brown, reddish and earthy colours, our colour varnish collection contains mainly warm and natural shades. We also offer a trendy white and grey shade in various nuances. The decision is up to you!

Oiled parquet

For you we have a rich colour collection in BRUSHED, OILLED finish. In accordance with the emphasis on the natural origin of oxidative oil, we offer you a variety of trendy colours in neutral and pastel shades, which match any interior style.

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